Anne Sanker - Owner

Anne Sanker

Anne Sanker

I started The Coloured House primarily to incorporate my love of design, adding style and practicality to a person’s living space and working with clients directly on their home projects.  

I have a Degree in Fine Art and Certificate in Domestic Design, which combined with my experience gives me the theory and practical skills needed to be great at my job. I had owned and run The Coloured House for 11 years, and prior to that, had 12 years in the design industry in Brisbane.

My passions come down to helping people solve their home decorative problems, particularly with window coverings. If they have any window covering needs for their home I want them to come to The Coloured House for the answer. I enjoy coming up with interesting mixes of designs, colour and style to add interest to the home and giving a sense of place and person.

I assist customers by determining what their window covering issue is - whether privacy issues, sun control or just wanting to add a bit of extra umpfff to the room. I listen and offer a solution, then transform the idea into the reality, with seeing it in the room being the greatest fulfillment for me.

I am married to Mark, who is my business partner in The Coloured House, and enjoy travelling for inspiration, eating out and relaxing at home when we get a minute.

The main message I want people to know is that internal and external window coverings are an important consideration in theplanning stage of building or renovating, instead of an afterthought. Unfortunately, I have seen too many people over the years who really want a certain blind type or kind of installation, but because all the building work has been done it is not possible for these wants to happen. 

The thing I love best about my job is when someone tells me how much they love their curtains, blinds, awnings, etc and what anamazing difference it has made to their home. Their satisfaction spurs them to tell their friends who come in – which is always the greatest compliment to our work. I also enjoy being able to listen to the customer and resolve their home design issues or feelings of angst – making their life a whole lot simpler if they let me make some of the decisions with them.