External Blinds & Awnings

Outdoor Shade Systems allow you to enjoy the outdoors as a part of the North Queensland lifestyle. These retractable awnings and blinds protect, extend and convert exterior areas to shady havens for elegant entertainment and relaxation.

Retractable Drop Arm Awning

The retractable drop arm awning which is ideal for verandas, doors and upper windows and areas that experience relatively low sun. The Unicom will enhance any flat elevation whilst offering protection from damaging UV rays and heat.

Retractable Insect Awning

Retractable insect awning is a revolutionary shading and fly screen option which serves as protection from heat, glare, weather and insects – a perfect product for our North Queensland climate and environment. This multifunctional vertical shade protects open areas from the elements and buzzing bugs, enclosing the sides of patios and pergolas, but without obstructing the views of your beautiful landscape. This system is recommended to be motorised for ease of use.

Straight Drop Vertical Fabric Awning

The straight drop vertical fabric awning is a tensioned vertical screen which acts as a retractable sunshade for the sides of patios and pergolas. This graceful straight drop awningprotects open areas from sun and wind while showing a view of the landscape. Generally away from glass, the Vertiroll resists wind with its weighted bottom bar, preventing the shade from flapping. It also stops low sunbut allows air movement to prevent stagnant heat build up in the protected area.

The Laguna

The Laguna is a retractable folding-arm awning that can extend your living space for outdoor entertainment and relaxation. It is the ultimate in overhead protection against the sun’s heat and is great for shielding children playing outside and interiors vulnerable to fading near the windows or doors. This system is recommended to be motorised for ease of use.

The Verasun

The Verasun is a motorised retractable roof for conservatories, pergolas, courtyards or custom-built structures. Its fixed tracks follow the framework of the existing structure while the fabric can extend and retract as required. It is a tensioned system. The Verasun is ideal for shading areas or locations that experience higher wind levels due to its robust, quality design.


All external shading systems have the ability to be motorised. Motorising is great for practicality, and allows you to get better life out of your blind as you control it as the need arises, whereas manual hand cranking will most likely result in the system staying in one position.

Timer Switches

Much like the internal systems, these can also be controlled by timer switches – once again to protect furniture from transitional sun, and provides an added security feature.

Wind Sensors

Want an added genius? Wind sensors are also available in instances where you may go out and it gets too windy - the system will self-protect and fold itself in even when you aren’t at home.

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