Interior Design @ The Coloured House Townsville

Interior Design Services

Interior Design services encompass the entire look and feel of your home, both inside and out. It includes every finish to ensure it all interrelates and gives that wow factor.


The Coloured House will come and assess your home, and take into account various factors, including the year of your home, the functionality of each of the rooms, etc. in order to make recommendations on style features and decor.

Certainly for new homes this service is a must, ensuring your builder has all the information he needs prior to starting. This avoids delays and having to make hasty decisions mid-build.

Colour Consultancy

Colour Consultancy is a unique service that assists with what colours will work with various furniture, home styles, decor, etc. Perfect for those who are time poor but want to keep abreast of current style trends and looks.

Examples of colour consultancy include; having The Coloured House match a tile colour, to a vanity, to a tap style. The guess work is taken out of the process and a holistic approach to the overall look of your is home always a consideration.

Kitchen & Bathroom Planning

Kitchen & Bathroom planning is perfect for the renovator that wants to upgrade or freshen their kitchen of bathroom’s appearance, but are unsure on what they want or need.

The process can include recommendations on colours, tops, finishes, taps, shower screen, cookware, and appliances and are chosen based on what you are after. 

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